French Tutorial Over Skype Now!

Let's face it, learning the French language is not easy. You already know it, otherwise you would be able to pick the phone and speak with me today. The very best way to accelerate your learning curve is to learn with a native speaker.

The Internet made it easy to learn anything. You can literally learn French over skype without moving from your home.

Let me give you some tips to be sure that you learn French fast this year.

Learn Basic French Tip 1. Fixed Schedule

Make sure that you dedicate at least one hour per week to your French lessons. If you can have two hours or more, you will make more progress, but one hour per week is a good start.

Skype is not expensive, so you are not going to pay a lot of money to learn.

Learn Basic French Tip 2. Native Speaker

No need to say that you want to talk with a native if you really want to learn modern French. You don't want to learn words that nobody use. And you don't want people to laugh at you either.

Learn Basic French Tip 3. Learn French Software

I advise you that you get a French software to revise what you learn with your tutor. Rocket French will help you to revise because it is really well structured and beginner friendly.

I recommend it to my mentee.

To learn French, you need to be organized and spend at least one hour per week on skype. You need to speak with someone else. This is a the secret to learn any language.